Kimfusionsoft - No More Confusionsoft

Infusionsoft shouldn't feel like Confusionsoft...

Many small business owners sign up for Infusionsoft thinking it will be their magic ticket to success. 

Instead, they find themselves lost in a sea of confusion with no skills or strategy, and, frustrated, they set their subscripion aside until they have time to figure it out.

Does this sound like you? If so, its time for a change...

Infusionsoft + Kim Sutton = Kimfusionsoft 

Hi there! I'm Kim Sutton, the host of the Positive Productivity podcast, Certified Digital Marketing Professional and Infusionsoft Certified Partner. 

Before I tell you more about me, I want you to know that I didn't make up the name, "Kimfusionsoft." A client did.

I started working with Marc in early 2015. He and his company were in a challenging relationship with Infusionsoft. Their Kickstart training had left much to be desired, and they were swimming in a mess of Confusionsoft.

After working with Marc for only a short period of time, strategies were set in to place, confusion was removed, and Marc nicknamed me "Kimfusionsoft."

Marc's business was finally able to generate revenue while he was sleeping.

Infusionsoft = Sanity for This Mom of Five

Friend, I am not just an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. I am also a busy business owner, podcaster, wife, and mom of five. 

How do I manage this all?

Because I have Infusionsoft working with me behind the scenes. 

For example...

My ENTIRE podcast flow operates through Infusionsoft. 

The intake/interest forms, scheduling, reminders, launch notices and much, more have been reduced from HOURS of work per episode to little more than a few clicks.

In addition, every month I see hundreds of new people enter and progress through each of my funnels, and this is even before I turn on ads.


Infusionsoft handles all the billing and failed payment reminders for my group coaching program, online courses and 1:1 retainer clients. If somebody doesn't pay, Infusionsoft is set up to notify them, and then restrict access if/when necessary.

Infusionsoft does so much more than just this for me, however these are just a few of the ways that it allowed me to reclaim my nights and weekends for my family.

Are you ready to escape Confusionsoft, boost your productivity, increase your revenue and reclaim your life?

My podcast campaign... Clean, simple, and fabulously efficient!

Positive Productivity Podcast Infusionsoft Campaign

ONE of my sales funnels... The initial landing page has a 65%+ conversion!

Positive Productivity Pod Marketing Funnel

Kimfusionsoft: The Infusionsoft Strategies and Support You Need to Consistently Grow Your Business 

Boost Your Business Leads and Revenue Within 90 Days!  


We begin our work together with a two hour virtual strategy session in which we review your digital assets, current Infusionsoft set-up and immediate goals. 

During this strategy session, we also develop the plan to boost your business with Infusionsoft.

NOTE: In-person/on-site stategy, implementation and training sessions are available upon request.

Kimfusionsoft Strategy Session
Kimfusionsoft Implementation


We put the pieces of the puzzle together so you don't have to.

Following our strategy session, members of the Sutton team will spend up to 10 hours designing, building and integrating your funnel components. 

These elements may include, but are not limited to landing and thank you pages, small (3-4 page) lead magnets, email sequences, ad design and set up, complex campaign build-outs and more.*

*Your buildout may include additional tools such as LeadPages, PlusThis, Zapier or others. Any such tools will be approved by and paid for by you prior to implementation.


Once the buildout is complete, you will receive a 60-minute training session with a Sutton team member. 

During this session, you will be given a tour of your buildout so you and your team know how to access reports, perform minor revisions and achieve maximum success.

KImfusionsoft Training